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Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is a professional residential real estate inspection and remediation service company. We offer a broad range of indoor environmental assessment and restorative decontamination services in Weston, WV, and locations throughout Lewis County, WV. As a licensed and certified West Virginia property services company that cares about our customers, we are committed to an honest, thorough, work ethic and providing our clients personalized services tailored to meet their needs.

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Buying a home is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit stressful due to uncertainties related to investing in a house you may know little about. At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we can help you make an informed decision about your home purchase in Weston, WV.

Thorough Home Inspection Reports in Lewis County, WV

As a West Virginia certified home inspector, we prioritize your family’s safety and place your best interests first. Our West Virginia home inspections in Lewis County, WV, include a thorough assessment and report on the property’s overall condition, as well as safety hazards, current and clearly impending property damage, decay, and major system failure. Be sure the joy of buying your new home will not become overshadowed by unpleasant – and costly – surprises about the home’s integrity. Contact us to discuss pricing and schedule a home inspection by calling (304) 613-6999.

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Mold Testing & Remediation in Weston, WV

Before mold remediation can begin, it is important to confirm the presence and type of mold that is infecting your Weston, WV home, as well as the extent of mold contamination. At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we are NACHI Certified to perform accurate mold inspection with assessment verified through our accredited laboratory testing facility. When armed with accurate information, you can pursue the most effective mold remediation service for long-term mold management you can rely on.

Weston, WV Asbestos Testing

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is your trusted local asbestos inspector licensed to serve those with property interests in Weston and all of Lewis County, WV. As dedicated professionals, we offer full-service asbestos sampling and testing for the presence of asbestos and asbestos-contaminated materials.

Advanced Asbestos Detection in Lewis County, WV Properties

Our certified asbestos specialists use some the most advanced technology and techniques perfected over many years of experience to locate the presence and source of asbestos contamination at your Weston, WV home. Before starting renovation or demolition, be sure to schedule an asbestos assessment. We provide the information you need to take action and have the contaminated materials safely removed without compromising your family’s health.

Lewis County, WV Property Inspection, Testing & Remediation

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting helps protect property interests in Weston, Lewis County, and areas throughout our north-central West Virginia service area. Since 2014, we have provided accurate, reliable, cost-effective solutions to identify the presence of radon, asbestos, mold, meth lab contamination, and indoor air quality issues. Our experts also offer comprehensive West Virginia certified real estate inspections and a full range of property decontamination, bacterial and viral disinfection, mitigation, and remediation services. We invite you to learn more about our professional property services.

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For indoor environmental assessment and property remediation performed to the highest industry standards, contact Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting. Call us at: (304) 613-6999.