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Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is a top-rated indoor environmental testing and consulting firm serving customers in Fairmont, Mannington, and Marion County, WV. Our services include West Virginia certified home & pest inspections, indoor radon, asbestos, mold, radon, and air quality testing, property disinfection, and property remediation to address meth lab and mold contaminants that may present serious threats to human health and life.

Home Inspector in Fairmont, WV

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting provides thorough, accurate, professional residential home inspection services, for home buyers and sellers, realtors, contractors, and those with property interests in Marion County, WV. We are humbled and honored that many previous clients and business associates have recognized us for delivering the highest level of home inspection services delivered with a focus on outstanding customer care. If you are looking for a well-qualified West Virginia licensed home inspector to assess the condition of a home or real estate you are interested in, we are here for you.

Fairmont, WV Mold Testing & Remediation

Most American families spend 90% or more of their time indoors, making indoor air quality especially important. At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we offer professional mold and indoor air quality testing and monitoring to help families in Fairmont, Mannington, and Lewis County, WV protect what matter most. Contact us to schedule a mold assessment before buying a home, listing your home for sale, or if your home has experienced flooding or water damage. With regular mold testing and air quality monitoring services, you can enjoy peace of mind while helping ensure your family’s ongoing health.

Asbestos Testing in Mannington & Marion County, WV

Over the last few decades, the true danger of asbestos has been revealed. Despite the knowledge that asbestos causes significant health hazards and risk of terminal disease including cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis, this toxic substance continues to be manufactures and widely used in building materials. Many homes in Mannington, Fairmont, and Marion County, WV harbor asbestos. The only way to know for sure is to have your home tested by a professional with expertise in reliably identifying the presence of asbestos-contaminated materials. Before you begin any project on your home or business, contact our West Virginia Licensed Asbestos Inspector at Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting for asbestos testing you can trust.

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Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting provides thorough, cost-effective home inspections, indoor air quality, disinfection and decontamination services to help protect the interests of homeowners, commercial  businesses, educational and medical facilities, and governmental agencies in Fairmont, Mannington, Lewis County, and throughout all of north-central West Virginia. Since 2014, our clients have relied on us for reliable, accurate, accredited laboratory testing to identify the presence of radon, asbestos, mold, meth lab contamination, and indoor air quality issues, as well as to deliver a full range of property decontamination, bacterial and viral disinfection, mitigation, and remediation services. How can we help you?

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Property Inspection, Testing & Remediation in Marion County, WV

We invite you to learn more about our professional property services. For indoor environmental assessment and remediation services performed to the highest industry standards, contact Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting. Call us at: (304) 613-6999.