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Residential and Commercial Property Services

Inspection – Testing – Cleanup – Remediation

At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting (AETC), our well-qualified staff is fully trained, certified, licensed, and well-equipped to efficiently provide a broad range of inspection and remediation services. From residential and commercial real estate inspections, mold testing, indoor air quality monitoring, radon testing, and pest inspections to bacterial and virucidal cleanup and disinfection services, and remediation of mold to complete meth lab testing, cleanup, and remediation services, we help ensure safer, cleaner, healthier environments for those you care about most.

About Our Services

At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we utilize some of the most sensitive and innovative equipment in the world to provide our West Virginia customers a range of valuable services. AETC’s thorough property inspections and accurate testing services help our clients protect their properties with confidence. If bacteria, viruses, mold, or methamphetamine contamination is present, we can also provide effective, efficient cleanup and remediation services so you can safely resume residency and restore normal use of your property.

Real Estate Inspections

West Virginia Certified Home Inspector

Hazardous Containment Inspections

WV Licensed Asbestos Inspector

NACHI Certified Mold Inspector

WV Licensed Radon Tester
Certified Radon Measurement Specialist


Asbestos – Mold – Radon – Meth Labs – Air Quality


Formaldehyde Testing


Bactericidal Disinfection

Virucidal Disinfection


Remediation, Mitigation & Disinfection

Residential & Commercial

Professional Property Cleanup, Preservation, and Restoration

Mold Sampling – Mold Testing
Mold Remediation

Full-Service Cleanup Available:

Clandestine Methamphetamine Drug Labs

Licensed West Virginia Clandestine Laboratory Contractor
Licensed West Virginia Clandestine Laboratory Remediation Technician
Methamphetamine Lab Technician & Contractor
Meth Lab Sampling – Meth Lab Testing
Meth Lab Cleanup – Meth Lab Remediation