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Buying a house may be one of the largest purchases you ever make. Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting can help relieve some of the uncertainty related to the transaction. Whether the house is a new residential construction or you found the home of your dreams listed for sale, we can help you avoid the costly, unpleasant surprise of termites and other destructive pests that may be living in – and munching on – your home. Our West Virginia Certified Home Inspector is able to identify the presence of common pests that threaten health and home integrity in West Virginia.

Safeguard Your WV Real Estate with a Professional Pest Inspection

For an added measure of assurance against the presence of pests, we strongly suggest a professional Pest Inspection. We are licensed and certified to serve the interests of parties in all prospective residential and commercial real estate purchases, as well as current West Virginia homeowners with pest-related concerns. Before you list your home for sale, close on a house as a home buyer, or refinance, call us!

Worried About the Possibility of Termites or Wood Destroying Pests?

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting offers professionally licensed and certified home pest inspections. We can help you detect a variety of destructive pests known to infest West Virginia homes and commercial properties. We inspect for some of the most damaging insects. Some of the critters known to destroy wood and threaten your home’s integrity may include:


Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Ants

Other Wood Destroying Insects & Pests

Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Certification in West Virginia

The best way to ensure your real estate transaction is free of wood destroying insects is to have a professional pest screening and assessment by a Certified Home Inspector. At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we are West Virginia licensed, certified, and well-qualified to inspect all major areas of concern. We inspect your residential or commercial property from attic to basement/crawlspace for a pest inspection you can rely on.

Timely WV Pest Inspection Certification Reports

Your pest inspection will be followed up with a detailed report and pest certification. The report with any relevant findings and recommendations can be provided directly to you or to your realtor, if you prefer. If we discover that the property is infested with a listed pest of concern, we are able to further assist you by providing recommendations and referrals for a variety of effective pest control services. Don’t take chances on one of the largest purchases of your life. Trust your pest inspection to the pros!

Contact WV’s Best Pest Inspector

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting

At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and integrity of our customer service. Our extensive education, training, experience, and expertise sets us apart as West Virginia’s Premier Home Pest Inspection and Remediation Service Contractor. We are here to help you move forward with confidence in all your residential and commercial real estate decisions with our full range of inspection and remediation services. Contact Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting for quality you can rely on. Call us at (304) 613-6999.