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Serving Grafton, the Tygart Lake Area, and All of Taylor County, WV

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting provides a variety of indoor environmental testing and consulting services in Grafton and throughout Taylor County, West Virginia. We are a full-service residential and commercial real estate inspection, decontamination, and remediation contractor serving home and business owners throughout all areas of north-central West Virginia. Our services include certified home & pest inspections, indoor air quality testing and monitoring, property disinfection, and remediation of properties contaminated with meth manufacturing toxins and mold.

Specializing in Residential Home Inspections

Grafton – Tygart Lake – Taylor County, WV

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is a West Virginia Certified Home Inspector offering prospective house buyers, sellers, and other interested parties reliable information about the condition of homes in Taylor County, WV. From determining the general quality of construction and materials to identifying major defects and potential problems that may affect your ability to obtain a mortgage financing loan, homeowners’ insurance, or safely occupy the property, we inform you so you can make the best decisions for your investment goals. Homeowners from Grafton, WV, to Tygart Lake and beyond have found our home inspection reports of value in helping to identify potential issues and prioritize house maintenance and improvement projects in a cost-effective manner, also.

Grafton, WV Mold Testing & Remediation

Mold can threaten your health – and significantly damage your Grafton, WV home. If the house has endured water damage, contains visible mold growth, or you suspect that mold mycotoxins may be the reason behind a family member’s chronic sinus infections, breathing trouble, headaches, or unexplainable illness, contact us right away. Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting can test your property for mold so you can take action to safeguard your family and home in Taylor County, WV.

Asbestos Testing in Grafton, WV

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is a West Virginia Licensed Asbestos Inspector offering those with property interests in Grafton and throughout Taylor County, WV, expert asbestos sampling and testing. Our technicians can identify the presence of hazardous asbestos-contaminated materials so you can avoid unnecessary contact with this known cancer-causing agent. Before you begin any renovation or demolition work on your Taylor County home or business, give us a call.

About Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting

Taylor County, WV Home Inspection, Hazardous Material Testing & Remediation

Since 2014, Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting has provided quality property inspection, contaminant assessment, and remediation solutions for clients in Grafton, the Tygart Lake region, and throughout Taylor County, West Virginia. From accredited laboratory testing to identify the presence of radon, asbestos, mold, methamphetamine residue, and indoor air quality issues to West Virginia Certified Home Inspections and a full range of property disinfection, mitigation, and remediation services, we provide top notch service throughout our entire north-central West Virginia service zone.

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Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting

For indoor environmental assessment and property solutions performed to the highest industry standards, contact Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting. Call: (304) 613-6999.