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Do you need a home inspection for an upcoming real estate transaction or for personal planning purposes? Are you dealing with unexpected contamination following flooding, water damage, or meth lab incident? Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting offers a variety of inspection, testing, and remediation services for residential and commercial property owners in Kingwood, Terra Alta, and Preston County, West Virginia. Our services include certified home & pest inspections, indoor air quality testing and monitoring, bacterial and viral disinfection, and remediation of properties contaminated with meth manufacturing toxins and mold.

Specializing in Residential Home Inspection

Kingwood – Terra Alta – Preston County, WV

While anyone can inspect a home, not everyone can do it well. At Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting, residential home inspections are our area of specialization. Our professional home inspectors are licensed, certified, and dedicated to applying our expertise for your benefit. We take pride in helping home buyers, sellers, and other interested parties identify material defects, potential hazards, and learn more about the condition of homes throughout all of Preston County, West Virginia, from Terra Alta to Kingwood – and beyond.

Kingwood, WV Mold Testing

Mold is present everywhere, but it only becomes a problem in moist environments where mold spores can develop and flourish. If your house in Kingwood, WV, has been flooded, damaged by a leaking roof, plumbing or HVAC system failure, or is improperly vented, poorly drained, or has foundation problems, water infiltration and/or high humidity levels may be promoting mold growth behind walls and other hidden areas. We can test the air and surfaces of your Preston County home for mold contamination so you can take action, as needed.

Mold Remediation – Preston County, WV

Not only can mold cause allergies and health problems, but it may also damage the surfaces on which it grows. While no mold spores are healthy to breathe, if a mycotoxin-producing mold is present you may be at risk of serious health risks with potentially fatal consequences. We can determine whether the mold growth has been caused by water damage and perform mold remediation service so you can enjoy a fresher, healthier living space in your Preston County, WV home.

Asbestos Testing in Terra Alta & Preston County, WV

Asbestos is commonly used in friction applications, in high-heat areas, and as a common blown insulation in many Terra Alta and Preston County, West Virginia attics. There are serious health risks of asbestos exposure, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis (fibrous scarring of lung tissue). Although intact asbestos poses little harm, when damaged, scraped, sanded, or otherwise disturbed, invisible asbestos fibers can become airborne. When air flows over loose-fill asbestos attic insulation, the material may spread through the entire home where particles may be breathed in and lodged within the lungs. Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting is a West Virginia Licensed Asbestos Inspector with expertise reliably identifying and testing for the presence of asbestos-contaminated materials known to pose these serious health risks.

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Property Inspection, Testing & Remediation in Preston County, WV

Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting serves Kingwood, Terra Alta, Preston County, and all areas within our north-central West Virginia service area. Since 2014, we have provided reliable, cost-effective property solutions for healthier, safer indoor environments in West Virginia. Our certified home inspectors, contamination testing technicians, indoor air quality and property remediation professionals are West Virginia licensed and well-qualified. We invite you to learn more about our professional property services. For indoor environmental assessment and property solutions performed to the highest industry standards, contact Appalachian Environmental Testing & Consulting. Call us at: (304) 613-6999.